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Who we are?

Mediasignal is an expert company in digital business and communications.

Mediasignal Group.

Our core expertise includes software development, web technologies, service design, and digital business.

We implement visually stylish digital service packages that are tailored to each business area and that support our customer’s strategy.

Our team consist of experts from various fields who share a passion for developing customer-centred services.

High customer satisfaction!

We have developed and thrived together with our customers for more than 20 years now. Our high customer satisfaction rate is reflected in long-term partnerships, the results of which are showcased in our References section.

We aim at long-term and effective partnership. It is important to understand the requirements of and opportunities involved in each customer’s business environment.

Creative co-operation requires more than the skill to code, more than the ability of a communications agency to have insights, more than business expertise. It calls for the ability to combine different areas of expertise and develop ideas into a package in keeping with the customer’s objectives.
Toni Pato-Oja, Senior Partner, CEO

Targeted services.

Our customers are retail, services, industry and logistics companies operating in Finland and Scandinavia. They value long-term partnerships and see digital development of business processes as part of their success stories.

Our services are complemented by an international partner network.

Our guiding values.


Our co-operation is based on commitment and professionalism.


We continuously develop our operations and skills.


Everyone is valued in our community – every employee counts.


We generate added value for our customers.

We work together.

Mediasignal’s experts are professionals in web technologies, software development, communications and business management. We bundle our extensive competencies together to promote our customers’ success.


We bring together experts who complement each other and are committed to a common goal.

Customers as partners

We are on a shared journey with our customers towards a common goal.

Culture and people.

Mediasignal’s corporate culture and values form a clear part of our strategy at the level of everyday operations. For us, this means the ability to grow and develop alongside our company, working through the big picture, as well as a visible solution-oriented and customer-centred way of operating.


As those who do the work, we are an integral part of the Mediasignal story, showing commitment and the ability to think outside the box, break away and express ourselves. We are valued as individuals and it is also important for us to be aware of why we exist as an organisation.

Sales and customer relationships.

The format used for e-mail addresses is

Marko Kujala

Mediasignal Communications Oy

+358 44 304 0881

Toni Pato-Oja

CEO, Senior Partner
Mediasignal Group

+358 400 601 576

Sami Hakimsan

Director, Business Solutions

+358 45 868 0883

Jussi Salovaara

Account Manager

+358 40 163 2424

Antti Porkka

Brand Strategist

+358 500 891 393

Antti Vuori

Area Manager, Mediasignal Sweden

+46 73 617 6977

Want to know more?

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