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A digital service concept for the hospital environment.

The created concept services orthopaedics patients, top professionals in the field, and society’s decision-makers.

The aim of Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement was to find a knowledgeable digital business partner who can understand, in addition to producing the technological solution model, the role of communications as a key element in a company’s and organization’s operations. The partner also had to know how to manage high-quality joint activities.

The starting point for the complete reshaping was to acquire a functioning idiom for Coxa’s public service and to construct an Intranet service channel for internal communications that would be modern enough to address the diverse needs of the user base.

Another key factor in the complete delivery was the design and implementation of various technical elements, such as large-scale system integrations (AD, internal and public networks, PSHP) and user interface descriptions.

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Coxa is the only hospital in Finland fully specialising in joint replacement surgery. It employs 200 top professionals in the field. The hospital performs over 3,500 joint replacements every year.

Services Intranet / Online service / Online store / System integrations