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Insulation Solutions for Good Life.

Ekovilla Oy manufactures and sells the popular Ekovilla insulation materials and organic fibres used in asphalt manufacture. The company’s wood fibre insulation manufacturing plants are located in Kouvola, Kiiminki, and Ylistaro. Owing to more than thirty years of positive customer experience, Ekovilla products have become the favourite insulation material for single-family house builders and renovators. Ekovilla customers include house factories, construction companies, hardware stores, and consumers.

The co-operation between Mediasignal and Ekovilla extends over several years and has involved various digital media business solutions.

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Services Concept design / Graphic design / Website / Software development

Technologies TYPO3 Serves in Four Languages

In connection with renewal of the Ekovilla brand, the Ekovilla website was completely renewed – it has a fresh new look and user interface. serves consumers, resellers and other professional target groups and offers a comprehensive thermal insulation-related information package. The site has been translated into four languages.

Extranet for Warehouse Orders and Deliveries

In the Extranet section of Ekovilla, resellers can submit orders through an electronic service channel. Extranet can be accessed from the Ekovilla website and is thus conveniently available in the vicinity of other product information.

Additional Insulation Calculator Calculates Energy Saved

We implemented for Ekovilla a web application for energy savings calculation. The user needs to fill in some information regarding the insulated building and its structure and to choose the insulation. The calculator calculates the savings per year and the investment payback period.

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Co-operation with Mediasignal has been trouble-free. Helpfulness of the staff has even made recurring website updates easy.
Ilkka Romppainen, Product Manager, Ekovilla